Keep Thee: Aphorism Analysis

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Wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “Keep Thy Shop, and Thy Shop Will Keep Thee”. This aphorism summarized the learning and bonding of my friendships between two of my closest friends. During my sixth grade summer, Ryan and I decided to create our own business. Us two boys were determined to open up our very own lemonade stand. We approached this as a hobby and completely disregarded the thought of doing such for financial gain. Ryan and I opened it up at my grandmother's house on the corner of Broad St. and McCord St. We started out very slowly and thought of ways to improve our retail, and we decided to make flyers which helped our business slowly increase. A few weeks later, our business started to decline; Ryan and I actually started disputing over money because we each contributed in different quantities. This problem was mainly caused from the stand being located at my grandmother's house, and I wanted more of the profit margin which was very selfish of myself. At …show more content…
Jetty brought more food items and soft drinks to sell in addition to my grandmother’s muffins and cookies. I was responsible for waking early and selling to the morning customers such as walkers and runners. Once we realized our business was close to its peak, I had the idea of making punch cards to help get returning customers throughout the rest of the summer which brought retail to a substantial high. Jetty, Ryan, and I split the money like so: Ryan and I would split the profit evenly while Jetty acquired all tip money. We spent our money on Playstation games and buying supplies to grow the business. As school got closer, we thanked customers and let them know that we would soon be going out of business. One customer came by on our last day being open and donated five hundred dollars in cash for us three boys to split simply because of our hard work and