Personal And Academic Counseling Services At Fort Hays State University

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Fort Hays State University offers personal and academic counseling services

for students and faculty through The Kelly Center. Counseling services provided at

The Kelly Center, are offered free of charge and confidential. Personal issues such

as anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, depression and grief can be addressed.

Students and faculty may receive as many free sessions as needed. Appointments

can be scheduled in advance, and same day services can be accommodated. In the

event of a crisis, issues will be dealt with immediately. Counselors at The Kelly

Center also provides support with academic challenges. Students that are having

a hard time adjusting to college life, or struggling to find balance between their

personal and academic life, are encouraged to seek support. Academic counseling

and free tutoring for general education courses are offered. Counselor’s can assist

students with study tips and strategies, effective time management techniques,

and a plan of action on proper note-taking and college level reading. Methods on

how to approach issues with test anxiety and how to effectively prepare for exams

are suggested.

For individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol, certified counselor’s can

help navigate through these issues with substance abuse counseling. Friends and

family members that are concerned about a student who abuses drugs and

alcohol, can also seek assistance from The Kelly Center. Parents of students may

refer their child to The Kelly Center to seek counsel, however; to protect the

confidentiality of the student, no information will be shared regarding private

counseling sessions.

To further help students with their academics, The Kelly Center offers free

workshops that assist with all aspects of student life. Workshop topics include

stress management, job interview tips, and test taking skills.

The Kelly Center has mental health screenings available. These screenings

can be accessed on the Fort Hays State University website, under The Kelly

Center tab. These screenings are not