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Electronic Medical Records have changed the way that healthcare can provide care to patients and also the way providers can communicate with other providers as well. According to an EMR is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. It is mostly used by doctors so that they are able to treat and diagnose correctly. However, the information may not be shared with another healthcare provider outside of the practice. Papers may have to be printed out to be mailed or faxed. Having an electronic medical record comes along with great perks for the provider and the patient. (Benefits of EHR's)
There are many perks to having an EMR for a patient. Having an EMR the system is able to track data over a time period. It is able to identify when a patient is due for preventive visits and screenings. The fact that the EMR can do these things is a great idea, that way providers are not missing or forgetting important things for certain patients. The EMR is also able to keep track of how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings. Overall EMR’s help improve the quality of care to the entire practice. An electronic medical record is also confidential. It has to stay safe and secure from individuals who are not allowed to view it. (Benefits of EHR's)
Making sure that patient privacy and medical information is safe in an EMR is very important. Using an EMR it makes it easier for someone to find confidential information out, that they shouldn’t have access to. That’s why there are many ways to ensure that patient’s information will be kept from prying eyes. Here are a few ways that patient information is protected. First there are new laws set in to place for patient’s private information. Only doctors that need information about a patient will have access to it. Passwords will be set in place to make sure that everyone can’t see it. Some computers can even track and see who has looked at certain individual medical information. Doctors and medical staff will also be trained on how to keep patients information confidential and safe. Having electronic medical records makes things more effective between consumers and providers. (Maintaining Patient Privacy and Security, 2011)
An electronic medical record is effective between consumers and providers because everything that is written is legible and understandable. When using paper charts doctors are using their own handwriting and sometimes it’s not very easy to decipher. Not being able to understand what someone else wrote is no longer an issue with an electronic medical record. Everything is either entered electronically by the system or it is typed out. Using an electronic medical record, patient information is organized better as well. Papers are not where they shouldn’t be or missing, or can’t be found. Everything is in the system where it should be. Before technology was this advanced everything was different and healthcare facilities didn’t use computers to keep track of patient’s information.
The EMR differ from other forms of communication in many ways. The electronic medical record is much faster and effective. Before anything was electronic there were paper charts and they were very time consuming. Using paper charts providers have to wait for different information about a patient to be transferred to them. However, having electronic medical records