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ChaNai Dent Dec 5 2013
Ms.Kemp Pd 1­2 FDA Are Brand Names Worth Paying For ? People like to fit in with the crowd and be mainstream but i’ve yet found someone who can prove me wrong. Fashion is basically a high for some; once they get a taste of overpriced clothes there is no turning back. I understand everyone wants to look nice once and a while but people fail to realise that some clothes just aren't worth buying.
Lets be honest, who’s going to buy 700$ shorts ? be mindful ; they are pretty standard, meaning 100% cotton, black and made in Taiwan. Everyone likes to live in a lavish lifestyle but some clothes aren't worth picking up from the racks. I know everyone had a point in time when they wanted to ‘ball out’ and pick up anything they seen in the store; just because they had money, and no im not talking about petty cash. Basically you can say paying for overpriced clothes has become the new trend,
Versace Versace Versace. Personally i think versace is overrated,the brand gets its own song and the clothes aren't even that good; i'm not being a critic. I mean if someone wants to pay 3,075$ for a shirt that they heard off of a song than be my guest.
I find it funny how the middle class people try to compete with celebrities with buying clothes. The last time i checked the middle class doesn't make 50k a month. In my opinion the ‘middle class’ should just stick to being basic; such as shopping at Banana
Republic or Gap,there’s nothing wrong with that. Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr