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Study Guide
What is the Genesis connection for each of the following?
-Marriage: God made Adam and eve not Adam and Steve
-labor: 6 days of work 7th day rest.
-work week: ^^
-sin: Sin started in the garden and Jesus saved us from it.
-Clothing started after the fall of man and Adam needed to kill in order to get clothes.
-cursed Creation: Gen 3 they ate the grenade. Cursed errybody up in here
-Jesus: Died for our sins.
-heaven: God created it perfect, man destroyed it, and a perfect man will restore it * If Genesis is merely a myth then there is no sin and no beginning. * Who said what? * Carl Sagan Time and death * Hugh Montefiore The garden is a myth * Das mean. * If we get rid of the garden we get rid of christianity. * They are incorrect because they do not give sufficient fossils to prove the reality. * Noah is not going to be on the ark on for the millions of years. * Yom is a 24 hour period or day. * Vestigial organs are useless parts of the body * Tail bone- Not useless because it develops into the spine * Tonsils(Gill slits)- not useless * Yolk Sac- Not vestigial because it turns into many important organs * "Ontogeny Recapitulates(Reviews) Phylogeny" * Down's Syndrome- 2 year old in a 6 year Old's Body. * Abortion says "Oh, That’s(It's) just an animal", So the animalism justifies the abortion. * ----The embryo goes through the evolutionary process.---- * Haeckel's lie says that we all went through the evolutionary process but he changed his drawings to match his theories. * Cave men were men who lived in caves. * They thought they found different things. But the longer they looked at them they discovered they were all human. * God created the world perfect. With the fall of man, sin entered the world and mutated things and made them imperfect. A mutation is a gap in genetics. 1. It proves against it and says the strongest will survive. 2. No Mutations are a lack of information. 3. ----- 4. God did not create mutations, pollution, guns etc. God made things perfect.

--------------------------------------- 1. Deism- God Started it and left
Materialism- Everything is a god. (turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle)(turtle) matter cannot always exist
Pantheism- many gods
Theism- The belief of a singular god. 1. Creationism and The Big Bang Theory 2. Because you need someone outside of time in order to create time.
4.Richard Dawkins * Every garden has a gardener. Dawkins says that this is wrong * He says that they cannot exactly disprove the fact that there is a god, but he says he doesn’t believe in a god. * Albert Einstein * e=mc2 * Isaac Newton * Contributed Calculus and added many other useful laws to the scientific community. * Edwin Hubble * Made a telescope and discovered the universe is ever expanding.