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Kendall Austin
Dr. Cottrill
25 March 2015
Snapchat’s Updates Causing Controversy
The New Snapchat Update is rapidly rising as the #1 most used app. It has caused a rave amongst all its users this year. Snap Chat developers have changed on what we expect on mobile apps. It has built so much popularity with teenagers and young adults, most are saying it’s the hottest Social networking tool since the release of big time apps like Twitter in 2008. Snapchat has given all media publishers a new standard to go by. I say this because, most apps and social networks don’t have or aren’t capable of what Snap Chat is able to now do. They have risen the bar. Some might even say set new expectations if you will. How, you ask? They did it with great innovation and smart business moves causing Snap Chat to bring in some helpful, pass the time addition’s to their application. These 5 updates were added to Snap Chat in the past two months and could possibly make Snap Chat the #1 used app after a while.

The first update they did was the addition of Discover. The Discover slide is a daily update with a select few of the most popular TV network channels. TV network channels such as VICE, CNN, ESPN, People, Warner’s Music, Food Network, and much more. This quickly became popular to everyone who uses Snap Chat or watches those TV channels. With this, snapchat has brought so much meaning to the term “App” in such short time. It amazes me how innovative and efficient this app is becoming while other apps are at a standstill. Apparently, I’m not the only one who is impressed with Snapchat. “Discover’s user interface is devilishly clever. Just open the menu, pick one of twelve channels, and browse animated story teasers from that channel… The next day, you get an entirely different set of stories. It’s a good medium for browsing while you’re on the bus, in the bathroom, or waiting for someone at a restaurant. And, at least for now, the channels are putting a lot of effort into making their stories visually appealing. Most post five or so stories per day, though I’ve seen as many as fifteen.” (Roose par. 5). Snap Chat knows America is constantly on the go. People are always ripping and running now a days. No one has time to sit down and watch their favorite TV channels anymore. So, Snap Chat has found a way to advance their #1 used app campaign by giving the busy people of America a way to stay updated and in the know with their favorite TV network channels. I’m not talking like all reports or something either. They also provide you with daily videos that load instantly. Which if you ask me is perfect for people who don’t have time to go out their way to view something that they might actually want to see. I’m a witness to this update making my life that much better by being there when I needed it. It’s so handy and convenient that it’s hard not to always use this app. I mean yea, on twitter you got videos now and you can follow your favorite TV channels pages but they don’t show daily updated videos every single day like Snap Chat does. Even then Instagram isn’t showing you daily updates. Instagram would show you more of a weekly update. Useless really, unless you not big on keeping up with society. Someone like me who is constantly busy and has something to do appreciates a daily update on 11 TV network channels that are so easy to access. I’m always looking for a daily news update on what’s going on in the world. I just have to be in the know of things. Also, with the variety of channels to choose from, snapchat appeals to such a broad audience of people who watch those TV channels, but also have jobs. I remember when I first got this update I was in the food hall sitting down talking to some friends. When I was shown by another friend who updated before me I couldn’t believe it. Every teen in that food hall was going crazy rambling about it. Even twitter was getting bombarded with the hashtag “#SnapchatsNewUpdate” for like a 3 weeks. It