Kenrick Perez-Human Resource Management-Case Incident and Continuing the Case -Chapter10 Essay

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Employee Rights and Safety
Protecting Safety and Health

Case Incident Questions: The New Safety and Health Program

Question 1: Based upon your knowledge of health and safety matters and your actual observations of operations that are similar to theirs, make a list of the potential hazardous conditions employees and others face at What should they do to reduce the potential severity of the top five hazards?

Answer: I would suggest that LearnInMotion develop a Safety and Health Program that covers employees and employer. Begin by conducting a safety and health survey. The survey should cover the use and maintenance of Equipment, Work Practices, and OSHA Standards.
The five top hazards that I
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They must know what signs to look for in their routine observations. Catching errors or unusual behavior could drastically reduce the incidental accident or breakdown of the employees under their charge.
When screening for employees who may be stress-pro or accident-prone some of the traits that they need to look for are:
Look for individuals who may display high-anxiety behavior, depression, or anger.
Individuals who are usually agitated and are involved in a more conflicts the average employee.
Individuals who struggle with time management and organization.
Individuals, who are not happy about the job they do, set unrealistic goals and deadlines for tasks they undertake.
Individuals, those don’t get enough rest or relaxation and those that spend a major part of their time working and neglect their mental and physical health.
Individuals whose reaction times on certain tasks may not be as fast as it needs to be.
Individuals who behave stranger or different than they normally would.
There are many things that LearnInMotion could implement to screen for these types of individuals but ultimately the best way to avoid these incidents is to really pay attention to the employees, get to know them have the managers communicate with them and get an understanding of the kind of conditions that they operate the best, make sure that they are getting the needed breaks and that they are taking good care of themselves as they should. Prevention