Kentauroi Short Story

Words: 1808
Pages: 8

Palaimon scoffed. “Men and kentauroi are not, and never will be equal. Our natural superiority and their persistent prejudice will ensure the envy, which will always separate us. Unity is a fool’s dream. The only thing, which has been accomplished, is a heightened sense of rivalry between men and kentauroi. They do not laud his victory, but resent his participation. Kheiron may have sought lofty ideals but even he never accomplished more than friction between our race and men. They only lauded what he did for them.”
The centaurs stared at her over the alpha’s back.
“This charade has been a waste of time.” The alpha turned to face the subject that had claimed their attention.
Nais stopped short.
Iphinoos and Melankhaites opened the circle invitingly.
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They will leave your body dead in the woods to be devoured by wild beasts, far from civilization where you could not be avenged nor your wife rescued.”
“Be that as it may, I will not be the start of any dishonor between us.” Zethos turned and left.
Iakkos jaw tightened with his grip on his sword.
Khlidanope approached uneasily, her head downcast, avoiding Iakkos’ gaze. She reached into the wagon for a woolen blanket.
Beroe sauntered around Iakkos and cut her off. “You don’t want to live with the ixionidae, do you, Khlidanope?”
Khlidanope shook her head without meeting her eyes.
Beroe smiled pleasantly. “We are leaving tonight. You are welcome to come with us.” She shrugged innocently.
Khlidanope lifted her head, glancing briefly toward her mistress and the centaurs. She bit her lip, staring at the ground before nodding.
Beroe clicked her tongue. “I will wake you before we leave.”


That evening, Nais noticed Beroe sat unusually quiet and apart from the group. Chione and Antiope had successively tried to talk her into sitting closer to the fire. She had refused. The soldier, with whom she had been flirting, attempted to catch her eye. He was drinking with a companion and likely discussing her by their gestures in her direction and how she avoided