Kernel Oprations Essays

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Daniel Pester
Professor Bary Pollack
Kernel Operations

There are two types of Kernels that are commonly used in today's computer industry. The first of the two is Unix, which is the kernel operator for Unix. Unlike majority of kernels, Unix gives users its source code, this is why Unix is an open source operating system unlike Windows or Android OS. There are many advantages to Unix kernel, the first is the open source, which allows users a full access to the kernel where they can change it as they wish. The second is "Because it requires less hardware, Unix is capable of providing exceptional performance even on a smaller hard disk. Large communities of users exist for this system, constantly contributing to the code and making improvements." (, 2013). Since, Unix is not visually based it doesn't have the stress on hardware as the other OS do. However, Unix does have its faults, the first of which is that it's not as popular with the average consumer, because it lacks graphical user interface. The second is that Unix is servers based, resulting in less support from multimedia companies. However, Unix does have top security thanks to the kernel of Unix, Windows, which is currently the most popular OS is the exact opposite of Unix kernel. Unlike Unix, where everything is text base, Windows relays on visuals to promote its kernel advantage. Everyone has used Windows once throughout their life, and they know that windows is known to be more…