Kersey Temperament Sorter Assignment

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Kiersey Temperament Sorter Assignment
Mark Gales
Professor Sarah Lippy
Introduction to Psychology
February 24, 2015

Mark Gales
Professor Sarah Lippy
February 23, 2015

Critical Thinking 2 – Kiersey Temperament Sorter Assignment

After doing the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, the results that I got were ESFP personality type. According to the website, people who get the ESFP personality type is known as “The Performer.” I read the portrait of an ESFP person and was interested to see things on the summary that agree and disagree with the things that were listed and stated. The first thing that I agree with is that I live in a world of possibilities and love new people and new experiences. When starting college six short months ago, meeting new friends was not much of a challenge for me. Also, the whole transition into college life when smoothly because I was really looking forward to the new experiences that came with it. Another thing that I agree with is that I am concerned for people’s well beings and optimistic. Whenever one of my friends is upset about something, I am usually the person who goes up to them and tries to ask what is wrong and try to cheer them up. In addition to those things, I am the kind of person who likes everyone and loves people/people (hopefully) love me. Because I am so laid back, it takes a lot to piss me off and get angry at people. I feel that I am like that because for the past six summers, I have volunteered for six weeks at a camp for kids with children with special needs. Since starting there, I have received a greater appreciation for people of all disabilities and try my very best to see the good in others, rather than the bad. Also, I am really good at being able to “go with the flow.” I am typically relaxed and accept situations that come my way. I do like the routine, but

if something interrupts it, I don’t think that it is the end of the world if it changes or gets messed up. For example, one time I had a plan to go to Hershey Park one day last summer with some of my friends, but because it rained we decided to go bowling instead. I just went with the flow of that and didn’t make a big deal of it. The last four things I agree with what it says on the website are: I dislike future planning, I am optimistic, I love to have fun, and I bond well with others. I do not like future planning because I am the kind of person who lives for the moment and don’t let what hasn’t happened yet bother me. I am optimistic because I am hopeful and confident about my future. I want to do well in college now so that one day I can have a really good job and am hopeful in finding the woman of my dream’s, get married, and have a big family. I don’t stress about the future, but have the future in my mind as I go through the college life. I love to have fun because I believe in YOLO (“You Only Live Once”), so make it fun. Life would suck if it was always boring, so I try to be the life of the party whenever I can. I believing in having a great time and agree with the statement “Live each moment like it’s your last.” I am told by some of my family and friends that I bond well with all people. I am a very outgoing person and sometimes never shut up. I also am not afraid to talk to strangers and people I do not know. Also, speaking in front of a large group of people comes rather easier for me than it is for most people. There are also some things that I disagree with from the website. There are much fewer things that I disagree with from the website than I agreed with. There were only three of them. The first of the things that differed with was that I get overwhelmed. I very rarely get like that. If I have a lot going on, I start working on it early to prevent this from happening. Usually, I procrastinate a lot and save things for the last possible moment to do things. That doesn’t cause me to freak me out though. That would only make things worse.