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Giana Ali

Professor Usha Wadhwani

RWAD 2 SEC: INTD 91-15(3052)/ INTD 106-15(3053)

February 13, 2013

Wherever You Are

The song I’ve chosen was “Wherever you are” by Kesha. Kesha is a pop icon that has been topping off billboard 100 for past couple of years. The year 2013 Kesha came out with a new album called Warrior. One of my favorite songs from the album would have to be “Wherever You Are”. It is not a single yet, but will be soon. The song is about falling in love and empowerment. Some people fall in love at first sight, and it happens to be a song where you can relate to if you ever fell in love at first sight. First verse lyrics are, “It was a summer night, the stars were aligned, you, you, you showed up, and blew my mind.” She explains, the moment of the song, was during summer and stars were bright and clear outside; with a beautiful night she met the one she fell in love and explained that’s the greatest feeling ever.

Second verses of the lyrics are “We didn’t sleep at all, played records all night long, that, that, that night, I kind of fell in love”. As I mentioned earlier she fell in love, and it’s a love song. While working on her album she felt butterflies in the inside, she let herself open to him and felt like nothing could’ve ever beat the feelings she was having. She expressed all her emotions of love and infatuation through this song for this one man.

The chorus starts out with “Something in your kiss made my body electric”. The use of the word electric symbolizes the feeling of fulfillment in that kiss. The metaphorical charge of euphoria she received when her lips made contact with her significant other. She then goes on to say “And you set me free”, meaning she feels no tension or anxiety; she feels whole. “That night brought to life all the magic that’s inside of you and me” portrays her