Keurig Green Mountain

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1. Discuss the role of data governance at Keurig Green Mountains
Keurig Green Mountain produces more than 25 percent of all the coffee consumed in the United States today. The company packages over 80 brands and 600 product varieties. The company has more than 6,600 employees and generates nearly $4.4 billion in revenue in 2015. Keurig Green Mountain meteoric growth called for a better system in managing data. The company was growing so rapidly and successfully, it needed to come up with a better way of organization and implementing all their data. They relied on a ‘hero culture’ for data governance. Different teams are assigned to different departments of responsibilities. These responsibilities were such things as customer records, vendor records, and material mastering data. In 2013 Keurig Green Mountain transitions to Master Data Management in effort to keep organized and data cleansing. These efforts eliminate possible business redundancies that could occur when organizations reply upon multiple conflicting sources of data.
2. What management, organization, and technology issues had to be addressed in order to establish enterprise-wide data governance?
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In this transition, the goal is to have less mistakes and saving time. This will also keep the company well organized with all its incoming data. By making these changes it allows the company to make better business decisions and keep organized through their growth. Keurig Green Mountain then enlisted into DATUM LLC to help with the larger data governance. This is based in Annapolis, Maryland and provides consulting services. Information Value Management can be intergraded with SAP which then provides the technology for one single intergraded data software for this fast pace, growing