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Kevin Eastridge
White, Cheryl
Freshman Seminar
September 11, 2014

Problem Solving at LSUS My school LSUS has many ways to solve any problem a student like myself will come across in a easy and fast way. From the people who work in admissions to the teachers who will walk you step by step through a problem so that you can understand it. There are many resources to look into if you are having problems. Such as: library, tutors, and the LSUS website. For example, I have trouble with math. All I have to do to get the help I need is ask one of my math teachers and they will come help you out with the problem; or if you’re simply just having a hard tome with math in general like me then you get a tutor. Which is as easy as going to the LSUS website and clicking on the “ math tutor” link on the right side of the website. That way you can set up a date to be tutored. There are also English tutors that you get to the same way you do with a math tutor if one is needed. If you have trouble with the grammar of a paper or things of that nature you can go to the writing center for help and they will read over it and talk you through your mistakes. I got an 88% B on my paper in English class and I would of easily gotten an A on the paper if I would of went there. I was having a hard time getting into the school because I was enrolling late due to me not going into the marines like I was planning on doing. All I had to do was go to the admissions office and they set me on the right track to get into the school. I was enrolled and had all of my paper work done in less than a week’s time. Everyone was very helpful. They had me take the compass test and the next day I had class so it all happened very fast. The financial aid office got my Pell Grant and student loans filed and accepted very fast and now I should get all my money