Kevin Rudd's Apology Analysis Essay

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Analysis: Aspect One
Kevin Rudd’s apology was to the Aboriginals; but in particular, to the Stolen Generations. From 1909-1969, the Australian Government forced a policy know as assimilation upon the Aboriginals. Assimilation is the forced integration of minority groups onto the dominant society. Inhumane acts were inflicted upon these proud people because of the ‘Aborigines Protection Board’ which entailed that the Australian Government had full rights to forcibly remove half-caste children from Aboriginal care without parental consent nor a court order.
When the Australian Government passed these laws of discrimination against the Aborigines, they never thought of them as human beings but rather an inferior race that had to be taken
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Saying sorry is the least our country could do for the suffering of around 50,000 families.
The scene then switched to A.O Neville giving a demonstration to white women about the Assimilation Policy. He outlines a plan to assimilate the Aboriginal population by breeding them out. By making Aboriginals marry the white population, their children will become half castes and if those children also marry the white population, their children will become a quarter Aboriginal. This would result in the upbringing free of the Aboriginal culture and would gradually be forgotten. This was an immoral action taken by the Australian Government and has caused hurt, pain and grief among the Aboriginal population.
The three girls are taken away from their home by train inside an animal cage. They are then put on a truck and driven to a Christian institute where they are forced to adopt the western culture and customs which included the religion of Christianity. They learnt from the other girls that fairer skinned children are considered to be smarter than most Aboriginal children and are given the privilege of a proper education.
Molly, Daisy and Gracie, after being severely mistreated in the institute, eventually decide to escape the next day. They walk kilometre after kilometre through forests and pastoral lands to reach one of the rabbit proof fences. They use this fence as a way to guide themselves back home. However, they are being tracked by