Key Attributes Of Self-Awareness In Human Services

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This analysis will provide some key attributes of emotional intelligence and why it is relevant to human services. This analysis will address the core concepts of self-awareness. also provide examples of individual’s experiences in regards to self-awareness in their work-life choices, how it is applied and what strategies may be used. This analysis will conclude on why it is important that a well-developed self-awareness is necessary for a human service worker and how it affects the human service abilities.
Key Attributes of Emotional Intelligence Some key attributes of emotional intelligence is having the ability to identify one’s own emotions accurately as well others, assessment and identification. Another attribute is to know how to problem
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Other concepts know one’s strengths and weaknesses, drives and personalities, our habits and values. ”Each of us develop our own style, tempo, and rhythm; way of thinking, feeling, and behaving; set of personal values; and sense of personal identity” (Levine, 2013). There are also personal and social competences. Personal competence is motivation, the ability to set and reach goals, self-regulation, which is the ability to manage one’s impulses and self-awareness, which is defined as knowing oneself internally. Social competence is having the ability to use social skills and have empathy. Empathy is having awareness of other’s needs, concerns and feelings. A social skill is the ability to adept responses from others that are favorable or desirable. These are all essential in the human service work …show more content…
“Emotional intelligence (E.I.), is the ability to perceive, integrate, understand, and manage emotions, this may influence appraisals of stressful tasks and subsequent task performance” (Lyons, & Schneider, 2005). When it comes to emotional intelligence, there are four domains of it. We have self-awareness, self-management, empathy and skilled relationship. The first one, self-awareness is about knowing and understanding our own feelings. The second one is about managing our stress hence it is called self-management. The third one is understanding how other people feels and empathizing with then while the last one is about dealing with other people, our relationship with them or we call it relationship management. Why are these important? The four domains of emotional intelligence are important in helping us to deal with our life in general. When we are aware of our own self, our behavior, strength and weaknesses, then we can use it to our advantage. Through self-management, we can control our behavior and act properly when socializing with other people. Since we can convey empathy, then we can effectively deal with the needs of other people, understand their situation and be able to help them deal with their emotions. The last one will help maintain a good relationship with the people around us and manage conflicts along the