Key Issues And Concerns In The Development Of A Proposal

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Key Issues and Concerns in the Development of a Proposal

Key Issues and Concerns in the Development of a Proposal
Status of the Opportunity
The first steps taken after reviewing a Request for Proposal involves determining the status of the opportunity. (Johnson-Sheehan, 2008). In short one must determine if an opportunity or problem exists. The Request for Proposal under review indicates that Government officials are soliciting a vocational initiative that will be funded to train a service oriented work force. The service jobs suggested include “medical services (home health and nurses aides, medical and dental assistants), positions in hotels (maids, housekeepers), security services, telecommunication equipment
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At this point we are hoping that someone knows what city or county the RFP came from. From a quick reading it is clear that there is no current situation described in the proposal. There is no stated problem or fact to determine policy or precedence. From what is written, it is clear that some kind of training solution is wanted. Because there is no specific problem referenced it would be very hard for the author to evaluate the quality of the services provided. The answer to the four stasis questions, “Fact, Definition, Quality and Policy” (Johnson-Sheehan, 2008, p. 19) can not, in confidence be answered.
The identification of the “decision makers, advisors, evaluators or supervisors” (Johnson-Sheehan, 2008, p. 37-38) is outside the reach of the reader. Any attempt to put emotion, rhetorical, or any type of feeling into the proposal could be misdirected. There is very little context to use the shape a rhetorical response. In an assessment of proposals done by the Poverty Alleviation Association (REPOA) an incorrectly structured rhetorical proposal was common with proposals written by proposal authors at the undergraduate level (Kikula & Qorro, 2007).
Key Concerns and the Point of Contact

At this point in the proposal creating process, it is time to examine all of the details in the RFP and begin to list key concerns with this RFP. Next, begin looking at each concern to determine if more information is needed. Lastly, begin to formulate some