Key Passages In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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These key passages help to develop and enhance the plot, character and the theme of the novel, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi. To truly understand a text the reader must first understand and discover the underlying meaning of words and sentences. This will aid the reader to uncover the key passages that will help analyze the overall, story. The theme, diction, mood, perspective and worldview comparison can be analyzed from the three passages I have picked from the novel
Life of Pi. In the passages, the main theme which is evident in the story is what I perceive to be the will to survive. It appears as though Pi did not have much hope left, which is evident as Pi describes his hatred towards Richard for pushing him to continue living. Despite the slight
Bell 2 hatred, Pi mentions his gratitude
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Richard Parker is a reflection of what Pi despises about himself, yet it is, ultimately, what keeps him alive. After reading the novel, a worldview relation to the novel Life of Pi is a movie based on a true story called 127 hours. A man and his friends go canyoneering in Utah’s canyon land national park, but after going there separate ways the man slips and falls into a little slot in which a boulder falls and traps his arm, which leads him to instinctively scream for help, which does not catch the attention of anyone. When realizing he is left alone, he begins using his pocketknife to attempt to chip away the boulder when that didn't work he tried to devise a plan of a pulley system. However, when all his plans fail, his will to survive took over resulting in him literally amputating his own arm. This example shows when individuals are faced with death, people will do whatever it takes to survive. Although Pi was not faced with such an extreme situation of amputation, he did in fact as well have a will to survive, which ultimately allowed him to overcome his fears.
The passage selected for analysis is a key passage due to the fact it explores the theme