Key Points on Plant Taxonomy, Anatomy, and Behavior Essay

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plant taxonomy major groups of plants - major divisions of plants - major groups of angiosperms

plant anatomy anatomical differences between monocots and dicots major organs, organ systems tissue types xylem and phloem cell types stem anatomy terminal and axillary buds root tips leaves - mesophyll growth in plants meristems primary and secondary

vascular transport levels of transport transpiration photosynthesis - transpiration compromise how xylem sap moves plant cell compartments translocation how phloem sap moves

nutrition major macronutrients soil management concepts soil types - size of particles soil layers nitrogen fixation bacteria types we talked about supplemental nutrition carnivorous plants plant reproduction alternation of generation sporophyte and gametophyte asexual vs. sexual reproduction reproductive terminology in plants sexes in plants parts of the flower pollen production ovule development pollination seed dispersal parts of the seed seed dormancy germination plant behavior hormone classes in plants main responses specific interactions we talked about major tropisms responses to light phytochromes blue-light receptors flowering responses to stress resistance to pathogens

Study questions - test 3

Plant groups - 2 taxonomy (2,12)(6,17,14) what are the two big groups of plants? what is a bryophyte? what are the major divisions of seed plants? what division comprises the modern angiosperms? what are the differences in monocots and dicots?
Plant parts, growth (35) - 12 parts of the plant (1,6,10) what are the two main organ systems of plants? what are the three main tissue types in plants? what are some examples of plant organs? what are the three main cell types in plants? shoot system (22, 23, 24, 25) what are vascular bundles? know the anatomy of a herbaceous stem for dicots and monocots. know the different leaf types. know the cross sectional anatomy of a eudicot leaf. root system (37, 40) know the basic anatomy of a root. what is a tap root? know the anatomy of the root tip cross section. know the parts of a root tip. know the tissue types for the different root structures. where does most of the absorption of water in roots occur? life history and growth (3,9, 17) (3,8, 12) know the difference in primary and secondary growth. what are the different life history types found in plants? what is indeterminate growth? what is apical dominance? what is an apical meristem? what is a lateral meristem? secondary growth (4,5) what accounts for most of the cells in a piece of wood? what comprises the bark? what happens to the epidermis during secondary growth? what causes the rings in trees? why does damage to the phloem sometimes kill a tree?
Plant transport (36) - 8 levels of transport (13,16) know the different levels of transport that we talked about. know the cell compartments we talked about. what are the