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I'll See You In Two Months During Your Tour (Sad Story)
Yon's POV "Look, I think we should break up. I'm sorry, but I just can't keep both of us anymore. I mean I think we got really far. For me, too far though, so I'm sorry." Key breaks up with me. "Wait, you're kidding right? I mean you promised me you'd never let me go or push me away." my voice starts shaking. "I know I promised you that, but still I found someone new for me. And I just have to break that promise." He tells me honestly, hoping that I wouldn't cry. I tell him,"It's okay, I mean I guess you're right." When I told him that everything would be okay, it wasn't going to be. I mean I was going to remind him that today was the day that I had a flight to catch to Tokyo, Japan. But now I think it's better if I just keep quite and forget about all the times we had together. Ding, ding. His phone went off as "New Message." He pops it open and scans through it, "Sorry, I have to go, bye Yon." he waves at me, leaving. I watch as his figure grows smaller and smaller. I whisper under my breath "Goodbye, Key." Standing there in the middle of the streets, I stare blankly at what just happened. Hoping that it was just a joke. I stand there for a good five minutes letting my tears pour out. Little did I know, I had a flight to catch. 'I guess it's time to move on' I think to myself. I'm heart-broken. I'm a goner. I have absolutely no one to love. Even my parents are gone. I walk back to my now empty apartment, taking my two suitcases, I take a good long last look. Turning around I hail a taxi and head straight to Seoul Airport. I'm going to Tokyo, Japan to get a scholarship, I'm living there too. I wish you the best of luck once you remembered that I'm all the way in Japan.
Key's POV "Well, she handled it strong." I tell my hyung since I got back to our dorms. "At least that's a relief, right?" Jonghyun asks me. "Yeah, but something tells me that you aren't going to be able to see her until our next tour to Japan in um, when was it again?" Onew points out. "Two months hyung." Taemin corrects him. I'm leaning against a wall, listening to their conversations every here and there. "Yeah, didn't Yon say that she was going to Tokyo, Japan today for a scholarship?" Minho tries to remember correctly. Then it hit me, today was Yon's birthday and she was leaving for Tokyo. I burst out the door, scaring my hyungs. 'I'm such a stupid idiot!' I scream at myself in my head. Hailing a taxi quickly, I tell the driver "Seoul Airport quickly please."
Yon's POV 'I was supposed to have the most happy memorable birthday ever, but someone just had to go and make it the worst birthday ever.' I think to myself. I arrive at Seoul Airport and check in. I walked passed one of the entrance door and sit on one of those chairs where you see people coming in and out of the airport. I wait until the women at the gate says my ticket number, that is when I am allowed to get passed her. While waiting I play some music on my iPhone. Most of the time when I here Key's voice, I think of where he is. My conclusion would always be Key having a date with his new girlfriend. Key was my first lover. He was my everything and he still and always be forever in my heart. I have a feeling that he's only dating that other girl because S.M. Entertainment has forced him to. Oh well, I guess we really are through. This is sad. Exactly when "No Other" by Super Junior comes up, that's when my ticket number was called up. I was about to take one step until I hear a familiar voice shout "Yon stop!" I turn towards the