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Richard Wagner: "Here comes the Bride" from opera "Lohengrin"
Introductory Concepts: The Structure of Music
The Idea
The Purpose
The Conclusion

Bridal Chorus, better known as "Here comes the Bride" is the the most popular and recognizable part of a romantic opera "Lohengrin", once often played as a professional at weddings in the West. First it was performed in 1850 in Germany and has a big success since. There are such music instruments as: flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, triangle, and a harp. Great unity of this instrumental ensemble, performed with heart, with its pianos and fortes sounds really unique, soft, romantic, holly and charming, though it has a touch of excitement. It doesn't need any vocal addition, because it is already rich and still gives every listener room in his head for dreaming and imagination. This piece brings thoughts about happiness, church, prayer, blessing and eternal love. Well, the opera itself is about love, so no wonder that the most famous part would describe a holly moment when two people connect their lives together. This music inspires, brings memories, encourages and let you dream at the same time. Wagner's compositions are notable for their complex texture, rich harmonies and orchestration. He filled his music with love, he sent the romance though his masterpiece to people and people still feel it.
The piece would always take part on weddings, at the altar, at the moment when the groom sees his bride approaching him in front of the guests to become his forever. People probably would not enjoy it as a background or relaxing music after hard noisy day, or the one that can be performed by the