Kfc Inventory and Process Management Essay

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Date: 16/03/2013
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KFC Corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. KFC and its franchised employees are
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There is a time keeper who keeps record of the duration and expiry of products. If any of the products are not consumed till the expiry of duration there is an step is taken to dispose of those food items as wastage. The disposal items are recorded and then disposed. Its bee said to us that for every 1 lakh worth inventory, company sets a standard of Rs.1000 diposal waste as free as there are every chance of wastage at any point of time by human error. If at all the limit exceeds Rs.1000 there is a need to record it and report it to the demand manager and also be mentioned in the monthly inventory. As far as our study we found out that there is an wastage of 6000-7000 for RS.1,00,000 inventory. In order to reduce the wastage and disposing items which at present is an complete waste in point of cost, the outlet can make some announcements when the food items are near to their expiry stating buy this particular food product in matter of 15minutes and get discount of certain percent as discount so that they could reduce the wastage and incur certain percentage as profit instead of waste.
“Customer happiness is our happiness and any customer should not leave the outlet unsatisfied”. Items like Krushers and ice creams are prepared on demand. The standard time once an customer places an order, the food needs to be delivered in 1 minute. At present in the outlet