Halliburton Ethical Responsibility

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Rachel Witmore

This paper explores the company, Halliburton. It examines articles that report on the company’s unethical behaviors and the company being socially irresponsible. Throughout the search, Halliburton has been in legal, safety and moral affairs. Halliburton has documents that show involvement and the steps that they took to reverse the matter. Halliburton wants their employees to be prepared for situations that may cause them to be in an ethical dilemma. Halliburton is committed to guide there in employees with the “Highest level of integrity”. They want to give world class service to their clients. Halliburton’s unethical behaviors have two effects: first their lack of ethics shows a significant negative impact on the business world; and second, their actions can be used as a benefit to mangers and students.

There are three important ethical factors that an individual must consider before starting a business. Is it following the law? Is it morally acceptable? Is the safety of other in your concern? These three factors are what a business will have to monitor regularly is if ethics are going to be a part of the organization. Being ethically responsible is important because a business should want to better their communities. Businesses should also want to make sure the environment is cared for. Many communities check to see if a company is being ethical because they see their community important. The business will want the community taken care of. For a company to be ethical, they must figure out if their actions are good or bad and not just focus on money. The business will maintain a positive relationship with the communities which they operate.
Halliburton was created in 1919. Currently, Halliburton is one the largest providers of products and services in the oil and gas industry. Not only does Halliburton provide products and services to oil industry but they comprises thirteen product service lines. The product service lines operate in two divisions: drilling and evaluation, and completion and production. Halliburton consults with project managers to help complete jobs (Halliburton, 2014, p.1).
Halliburton has thirteen product services lines that operate either in drilling and completion. Halliburton’s drilling line has six different products which include: baroids, drill bits, landmark software, sperry drilling, testing, and wireline. There completion line has six products that include: artificial lifts, boots, cementing, completion tools, multi-chem, and production enhancement. Halliburton has expanded into other countries having a second headquarters in Dubai. Halliburton is expanding to provide new capacity, key markets, and help reduce the cost for people (Halliburton, 2014, p.1).

According to Halliburton’s code of business conduct it states: “Bribes are illegal in virtually every country. Because Halliburton conducts business around the world, we are subject to numerous laws that prohibit receiving, offering, providing or authorizing the payment of bribes of any kind to anyone.” “At Halliburton, we do not bribe or use any other means to improperly influence the decisions of others, including customers, potential customers or government officials. No Halliburton employee may authorize, provide or offer anything of value (or do so through a third party) to a government official, company or individual for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, gaining influence, or seeking any other advantage for the Company. It is also illegal for Halliburton employees to accept bribes or request anything of value from suppliers or other third parties.” (Halliburton, 2014, p. 34)
How is something defined as illegal? Illegal actions are forbidden by law, especially criminal law. Businesses need to handle all their actions by following the law. If a business breaks the law they will have severe consequences. Dick Cheney was Halliburton’s CEO in