Khan M Ghouri A 2011 ENVIRONMENTAL Essay

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Khan, M& Ghouri, A 2011, ‘ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: ITS EFFECTS ON LIFE AND ITS REMEDIES’, Journal of Arts, Science& Commerce. Researchers World, vol.-II pp.276-285, viewed 17 November 2014, <>.

Q1.Identify the key finding/ arguments and any recommendations given by the author(s).
Khan and Ghouri introduce three main kinds of pollutions -air pollution, water pollution and land/ solid waste pollution. In the meanwhile, they expressed their concerns about the subsequent potential negative effects arising from these pollutions on human, animals and plants, followed with deliberate recommendations. The authors argue that particulate and related air pollution are major causes of human diseases and air pollution resulted from nature and man-made sources. According to Khan and Ghouri, polluted water contain Industrial discharged effluents rain water pollution which originated from agricultural toxic fertilizer or households’ waste. Such water pollution exerts undesirable effects on the health and quality of soils and vegetation. The authors stress that improper management of solid waste is also one of the main culprit of environmental pollution. Based on Khan and Ghouri’s points of view, it is apparent that environmental pollutions are detrimental not only to human health, but also to animals and plants.
Khan and Ghouri claim that polluted environment is a global issue, so programs and standards should be designed in developing countries for the purpose of mitigating adverse health effects on environmental pollutions. In addition, it is suggested that mandatory legislation could also be proposed in the future.

Q2.Explain how the article has broadened your thinking in the area.
My major is environmental engineering and I had learned much about environmental pollutions. However, from article “polluted environment is global an issue”, I knew that air pollution, water pollution and improper management of solid waste are the