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Writing Portfolio
Rhet 103

My writing experience has been one of great importance and something I have always valued throughout high school and into college. In high school I took all the honors English classes and this culminated my senior year when I took SUPA English. SUPA, which stands for Syracuse University Project Advance is a program through Syracuse University with which they take high school teachers and train them to teach their course, sending them to conferences and various means of training. So I took Syracuse Universities WRT 105 and ETS 142 over the course of my senior year. The class was small about 14 students which provided a very lucrative learning environment and proved to be very beneficial yet very intense. The course was to an extent magnified and taught to a higher degree in the high school, it was treated as a college course and made to be very writing and reading intensive. We read hundreds of articles and a few chapters out of books, including John Bergers Ways of Seeing, in fact we read almost the entire book. The way the class was taught at the high school was again considerably more difficult then how it was taught at the university, this coming from SU students who we would compare class work too. The focus of the class was to expand our writing ability from the simple intro, body, conclusion where you restate the thesis statement in the conclusion too, developing a working claim and utilizing different ways of writing. The class was broke into a few major parts, at first we were “Disoriented”, with which they would break down how we were taught to read and write throughout the past 12 years, showing flaws and the incompetence of it. Then they “rebuilt” us, teaching us new ways of writing and how to perform research properly, how to cite properly, all the little things. We would write about 3 papers a semester, each one would institute a new technique and we were expected to build upon these new techniques, incorporating everything we learned in the last essay(s) into the upcoming one. Each paper was around 8 pages and this proved not to be enough for a lot of us, we began to flourish by the end of the semester. We worked a lot with the ideology and pre conceived notions and their reflection in images, which is pretty similar to this class. At the end of each semester we would fill be able to fill a 1.5” binder with all