The Purpose Of Volunteerism At Dunamis Revival

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The Purpose of volunteerism at Dunamis Revival is to allow God’s grace to be utilized through the volunteer for the main purpose of advancing and building the kingdom of God. Dunamis Revival’s volunteers are a vital dynamic group that devotes their skills and love to support the purposes and goals of Dunamis Revival. It is the desire of Dunamis Revival to match individuals who are willing to share their time and talent with the “right” volunteer opportunity.
We hope you will find this Volunteer guide useful. It aims to answer most of the questions you may have about volunteering with Dunamis Revival.
If you want more general information about the organization itself, or have any further questions then please refer to our Website at


At the annual Volunteer Breakfast Meeting, you will have the opportunity to select the task you will be performing. Accordingly, you will be alerted of upcoming crusades and revival meetings via email at which point you will let us know if you are available to volunteer for those particular meetings. Once this is agreed we will keep it on file and refer to it during your time with us.
To be successful as a volunteer, you must be dependable, punctual, understanding, highly motivated and have a willingness to learn. Personal qualities of a successful volunteer include an emphasis on discretion.
We value your time and rely on you to turn up when you say you will. We will understand if you are unable to report for your assignment on a day you agreed to, however you are responsible for letting us know as far in advance as possible so that we can make other arrangements. Please email us or leave a voicemail message at 1 (877) 571-4420.
Basic Qualifications: *A sincere interest in serving God through your individual grace in a corporate setting *A willingness to accept the protocol of Dunamis Revival *A sense of responsibility, dependability and conviction *Stability *The ability to work as part of a team
*Personality traits such as tact, patience, tolerance, understanding and congeniality *A respect for confidentiality


Regular-service Volunteer : Any person or group engaged in specific voluntary service activities on an ongoing or continuous basis Occasional-service Volunteer: Any person or group providing a one-time or occasional voluntary service

Donor: Any person or group providing funds and /or materials

Dedicated to fervent prayer for Dunamis Revival including allotting personal time to fast and pray at least one day a week for Dunamis Revival’s vision and mission. Intercessors should arrive at scheduled revival meetings at least one-half before the start of the meeting to intercede for the meeting. They should sit in the first three (3) rows of the venue. During ministration intercessors should pray in the Spirit.

Praise & Worship:
Responsible for musical ministration for the meeting.
Praise and worship volunteers should arrive at meeting before the commencement of the meeting in order to set- up musical instruments and perform adequate sound checks. Praise and worship volunteers should always be cognizant of the fact that they are representing Dunamis
Revival before an audience. Praise and worship should follow the lead of the lead musician who is in sync with minister.

Initial representative of Dunamis Revival. Must be courteous and respectful to all guests at all times. Ushers should arrive to meeting in a punctual