Kia Codenza Critical analysis speech Essay

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I. Introduction:
A. Attention Getter: Have you ever watched a commercial and instantly thought, “Wow that is cool”. Or “ I need that so I can be like the guy in the commercial”. That’s what commercials are there for. Some loose focus on the object, and others use techniques to amplify the attractiveness of the product.
B. Thesis Statement: Kia’s new commercial for the 2014 Cadenza is one to be talked about. It does things that many approve of and like, and others don’t. Today I will tell you who the rhetor is, what audience they are trying to reach, and what strategies the company does to get their message across. (Show Commercial).
II. Body:
A) I’ll begin by telling you about the rhetor in the commercial.
1. The rhetor in this commercial is the car manufacturer Kia. Hyoung Lee founded Kia June 9th, 1944. Its headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea and is the second largest automotive manufacture in South Korea, right behind Hyundai. According to, they have been making cars for over 69 years, and still going strong today ( According to, which is a company that shares business stock information, and information about who runs what companies, Mr. Lee, the founder of Kia, has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Seoul National University (
2. As far as Kia’s ethos goes, it is hard to beat. Mr. Lee has led Kia though one of the most difficult times in the automotive industry. While he did this, he managed to make the most sales growth out of any other automotive company in the world.
He has his sights set on guiding Kia to a market leader through the continued execution of the company’s design management and quality improvement strategies while strengthening the flexible operation of Kia’s overseas manufacturing network, and service offerings to enhance global consumers’ experiences with the Kia brand. His vision for the company and for the success of his workers in incredible.
Transition: There are many different commercials out there, but for whom are they intended to reach?
B) Who was the 2014 Cadenza commercial intended for?
1. The Rhetorical Act defines Audience as “The receivers of a rhetorical act (pg. 24). Although many people that were watching T.V. when it came on, this commercial was really intended for someone looking for a new car. More specifically, the male audience. In the commercial the camera’s main focuses are the car and there is a woman that is playing a huge roll that has the cameras main focus. The woman is used to attract interest to the commercial; to not make you check the score of the game on the other channel. She draws you in and makes you want to see more.
2. Science did a study on men and women to find out how the brains are stimulated through visuals and found out that the male brain functions differently than a female’s brain. I quote from Dr. Hamann who directed the experiment, “"If males and females found the pictures equally arousing, you would assume they would have similar patterns of brain activation," said Hamann. "But we discovered the male brain seems to process visual sexual cues differently." Kia was targeting a male audience through the use of this woman in the commercial.
Transition: So what strategies did Kia use to try and deliver their message, you might be wondering.
C) Kia used a couple different messages to get their new Cadenza to stick in your mind.
1. From the opening sequence, we get the feeling that the new Kia Cadenza is a luxury vehicle; the