Level Of Customer Service For A Better System

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To: Ms. Powell, General Manger
From: Kianna Lawrence
Date: 2/20/2013
Re: To Improve the Level of Customer Service for a Better System
I am writing this memo to inform you that there are problems that need to be address as soon as possible. We need to improve the level of customer satisfaction to make a better system. The guests who were being served were 60 percent business and 40 percent leisure travelers. The guest really wanted a better check in process. The problem is the Excelsior front desk operators do not have the skills for that specific job that there qualified to.

The front desk operators took approximately 40 minutes to get everyone checked in. One the front desk employee double booked a room. No one was available to carry luggage, the scheduling of the employee when it was a busy night. I am going to do 4 months of training to the employees and if that still does not work then I guess I need new staff members. What really needs to be done is make sure the employees are able to multi task for the benefit of quality services. Also is patient, helpful and is interested in the welfare of the guest and staff. Lastly has great attention for detail and works well under pressure in fast-paced environment.

I am going to do the first step to improve and that is training the employees for 4 months to please the guests. I feel the procedures were also a problem and I need to revise (change) the procedures. I’m going to go every week to see the