Kick Ball Descriptive Writing

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Fifth Grade

It was a bright sunny day with a nice cool summer breeze. There are a couple kids running and playing on the playground equipment, while most of the kids are watch the kick ball game. Its the teachers against the class who beat all the other classes. The kids are in the outfield and the teachers are up to kick. When it comes to the kids against the teachers. The teachers don't take it easy. One of the teachers who are good at playing kick ball is up. He standing with his back hunched over waiting for the old rubber ball to slowly skip across the old concrete. Im in outfield waiting from him to kick the ball as hard as he could. He starts to slow run towards the ball and with all his might he kicks the old ball making a “tink” sound. As is sours high up into the bright blue sky, then starts to fall quickly down to the ground behind second base. I’m standing there with my four arms out in from and my arms up agings me. the ball lands right in my arms with a hard “thud”. I’m standing there with the ball. On the inside I’m jumping around like a little girl who just got a brand new princess outfit, but on the outside I'm standing there like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Like me catching one of the
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While I was thinking I started to think about my math teacher and what made her job seem fun. I started to think of all of these things and thought about how every teacher had the little group of kids that always want to see if there is anything that they could do. I started to realize that it would be a good idea if I started to become one of those students and help my math teacher to see what she did. A couple days a week I would stay after and help to see if there was anything I could do to help her and how she did things. When working on my project I realized that if you help others and can benefit you to where one day someone will come along and