Kick Jackson off the 20 Bill Essay

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Sam Yao
2015 April 18
Kick Andrew Jackson off the $20 Bill! Jillian Keenan presents an interesting argument in her article,
Kick Andrew
Jackson off the $20 Bill!
She states that Jackson does not deserve to be on the $20 dollar bill. I, for one, agree with her. Why should a tyrant and mass murderer be on one of America’s most commonly used bills? Jackson, appealing to the “common man,” really did not do much for such man. When Jackson caused inflation and the closing of
90% of the Northeast factories, most of the common man had starved and froze on the streets. Keenan brings up a point that Jackson opposed paper money. Maybe, just maybe, we should keep Jackson on the bill to insult him. However, she refutes the idea, bringing up the fact that many people may not understand this mockery of him, and it may “obscure the horrors of his presidency.”
Instead of Jackson on the twenty, I propose putting Martin Luther King on the bill.
King was a man of great influence during the Civil Rights Movement. While Jackson had been a wealthy slave trader, King fought for the rights of African Americans, unafraid of the consequences. Today, we honor King and the insights that he has brought into
America. We also celebrate his birthday as a national holiday. However, Jackson’s birthday is not a national holiday. People barely even know when his birthday is! How could a man who promoted slavery and made money off slave trading be on the twenty dollar bill?