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Kids Today
Imagination in young minds will be gone very soon. Back then, young kids needed to use their imagination, whether it be to play or escape the harsh realities of what was going around them. Now, kids have lost that ability because of today’s technology; whether if its video games, television shows, or just the simple fact that they are not required to. Back in the day, kids would make up characters to play with. These characters differed between each child and no one was the same. Kids would go on adventures with these characters; whether they would fight off dragons or have a cup of tea with a princess. Kids were able to reach deep in within their brains and learned, in their own way, how to think for themselves. Now, because of technology, kids would not even be able to think of their character; they would not even be able to make up their own name or major characteristics. If one was to ask a child who their “imaginary friend” is, they would receive an answer from a television show or video game. Back in the day, kids had social skills. Because of television and the laziness of parents, kids have lost the ability to socialize. More kids are shy today because they are not required to talk by their parents. Parents have let their television raise their kids, and because of this kids cannot socialize with other kids. Back then, kids would be outside playing with kids their age and learned how to socialize at the same time. Back in the day, kids were able to think for themselves. Because kids played outside, they were able to learn social norms and behavioral norms from their peers and life around them. Kids now learn their behavior from video games and television, whether it is positive or negative. Kids now are more