Kidz Went: A Short Story

Words: 658
Pages: 3

As they walked in the shadows to avoid detection, they tripped on a huge titanium cylinder. Etched into the surface were a series of scratched-out words. The only words they could make out were, "He will prevail."
The Kidz dragged the heavy cylinder into a hidden alleyway and twisted it open. The glow from their flashlights revealed what was inside. With gasps of relief, they looked at each other with hope in their eyes for the first time in years. Because what they saw would change New Your back to the beautiful city it once was. The Meeting the Kidz Went to was about the prison break a year earlier the only people that was in that prison was people that robbed places and broke into house’s. There was 2,000 people in in that prison the Police officers
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Something tragic happened 11 months ago the one construction workers where building a stadium and about 500 people come to watch them. Well one fatality caused 310 people to lost their lives all the workers were on break but one of them left a bulldozer on and ran to have lunch he did not notice it. When he got out he accidentally pushed the go lever. The bulldozer hit the bottom of the stadium repeatedly until it fell over. all the construction workers saved 290 people before it when down there was 40 construction workers there that day. The Kidz looked at each other and said Olivia, is this what I think it is, Jacob said we have just found can change NYC back to the beautiful Town it once was. The insides of the time capsule were a piece of paper the top of can there was a piece of paper that read The Falling Of New York!! When they took the paper off there was lots of stuff like headphones movies pictures of New York when they checked it all out one thing stood out it was a big book that said Look At the back find the secret! The back of the book had particularly Capitalized letters and they pieced it together and it read How to