Kill and Brother Avatar Essay

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First of all, have you here about the movie which got the highest sales in the last ten years? Do you know who was made the titanic? . He is James Cameron the famous person in Canada movie world. I saw this movie more than fife time until this moment! And might be climb up to seven on Friday!! It is the best movie I have seen until now and I don’t' think I will not see any movie look like it. Some people just watch the movie for fun they do not try to catch a author's idea. Each single movies has made from some story in fact or author's mind. However, I'm different than others. For instance, I cannot skip any movie easy I have to inlays it and try to get the gist from it. So, in my writing I will try my best to give the reader clear idea about avatar movie with some supporting examples and lessons as well. Firstly, when I saw the poster for the avatar movie I was so interested about it. I went to the theater in Bahrain just to see it. When the show start I pay my full attention by put my cell phone on silent mode and cancel any appointment might I had at that time. I remember when people were flat in the shape and Jake show his face with his disability I was thinking, what is going on here? After that I was focus with every single thing such as colors, names, and their speech. When some of solders were talked to Jake I like him when he skip them that's made me think don't give anyone attention when they talk with bad think. So, he went inside the camps to meet the management such as grace, parker and the ugly man. Grace does not like him because they brought him to take his brother's position. His brother was one of the people who excepting to discover Pandora! But, for some reasons his brother died and they had to bring his twin brother to work instead of him onPandora. Jake was worked as solider before he got his disability. Grace said I need his brother not him. He said but he is dead right now with angry face he said that. She go away to talk to parker about him and parker said we are Lucy with him he can work in his brother avatar! On other place the ugly man was talking to his team about the live outside how is it dangerous with the problem in his face. He was strong and selfish a little bit. But, as I saw he has a big experience with the war. After that, Jake went to the office again to meet the team. Some of them were supportive to him because they were his brother's friends. When he looks to his brother avatar he was so enthusiastic about this body. After that, when he became in the avatar body he was so happy especially when he moved his foot ! it was amazing for him an unbelievable to walk again. When he becomes as avatar he stoned up and walked to outside they try to stop him but no way he can't believe he walked again. He run and run then grace stop him with her avatar . after that, they take him with them to bring some samples from the trees. He has had gone and he walked into the trees while grace and the another were take a samples to their library. He saw a big animal similar to the elephant and it was angry and it was make a noise . he said I'm not afraid common let's dance !! when it gone he thought it's run because of him but the a fact was it run cause of the lion !! the lion try to crutch him when he try to safe himself from the lion. Finally he doesn't have any choice instant jump into the big falls . when he jumped their he was actually put himself in new…