Kill and Elementary School Gunman Essay

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Picture this U hear a knock on your door and it's the police telling u that your child was dead by a psycho what would you do? What will your reaction be? Well for me ill be in tears my heart will be broken into thousands of pieces.
My view for this issue is that i don’t remember ever thinking about someone coming into my school and killing me or my classmates. I don’t remember any teacher or administrator ever mentioning the subject. There was nothing like there is today, what is happening to our society.

How would you feel if your only innocent twin dies from one psycho man that killed 28 including school children aged 5-10? Yes some were lucky being hidden in school cabinet, but what happens to rest of the children. But then the main question is, why shoot the children? There must have been a motive for that. He must have felt he had a grievance with the community that he wanted to punish

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A 20-year-old Adam Lanza threatened to kill at elementary school near his U.S home. Having all unusual weapons with him. students were ushered into bathrooms and closets by teachers as the first shots rang out. Kindergarten teacher, locked her classroom doors, covered the windows and read a story to her 19 students to keep them calm.

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