Kill and Sensory Experiences Essay

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NOTES! – expand greatly
Dahl language – he uses imagery creatively when he says ‘ blah blah blah ‘
For me his explaining how things can change when his in whiteness which you can lost in and blackness you can lost in and his in between this white and black and his showing how easy it is to get lost in. One moment his in white and another in black. For me this could be between France and Brighton even though he doesn’t know it or
Life – white
Black – Death
He creates an ambiance for the audience or this such serine place being attacked by darkness, this people coming to kill the others.
Creates sensory experiences like pure peaceness & We share the same sentiments as Peter does
He shows his views through this because he showing how in war things change easy or people can die so effortlessly.
The longing of the sentence and punctuation fit because if it was a short sentence then you would have to stop but this time you pause and that creates effect. Also this could be the changes he faces, this helps him convey his message.

Liam O’Flaherty
In the end he says brother.
Brother – love, someone you care deeply for. Its emotive - This is his way to reach the audience.
The effect it has on the reader is that one simple one brother is confusion and sadness. It arises questions.
The fact that the sniper shows interest in the identity of his victim helps to indicate his humanity and the humanity of the entire war for Dublin.
Even though O’Flatherty…