Kill Or Be Killed Essay

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WOULD I shot the elephant
Power is not a result of one's actions but comes from the following one's own beliefs without being influenced by others. In the short story "Shooting An Elephant" by George Orwell the main character a young police officer is stricken with a difficult choice of weather or not to kill an elephant.
The fate of the elephant lies in his hands. In the end he made his decision with vengeance, he had no sympathy for the non tamed beast. When in a dangerous situation one must learn to listen to one's conscience. If I was in this predicament I would ultimately have done the same thing. I choose this reason because it was the most appropriate in my opinion. The man with the gun has the power. Only he decides what's the best for the village and community. If the elephant demolished everything and eats all the crops everyone will suffer therefore the blame with be on the person with the power therefore
I'm obligated to do what's best. Its easy to see the objective when you have hundreds of people cheering you on. I just want to fit in, what the people want is what the people are going to get. I want people to look up to me. I want to be respected and to do that I'm going to have to sacrifice my own needs for the people. All I really what is a purpose in life, like I belong in this magical world. Everyone has been in a situation where he or she has been expected to be a leader but what you do with that expectation is entirely up to you.

In life we as humans…