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1. Daniel Cameron, the grandson of Da, is getting ready leave his home and head off to college. Daniel, better known as Young Man, is leaving his grandfather who has dementia. Daniel’s grandfather, Da, has started telling stories about trips he has taken, cars he’s owned and espionage missions he has done. The missions he talks about are not usually included in the job description of a former agriculture­system analyst.
Da steals a car and is sent to a hospital for observation. Daniel breaks Da out on an impromptu road trip. Daniel thought this road trip would help Da’s paranoia that shadowy figures are going to permanently silence him. 2. The main theme of this book is:
Do what you think is best for your family.
● Daniel's parents have Da living with him because he has dementia. His parents don’t want Da telling stories and running around to where he can get hurt or not know where he is. ● Daniel is taking Da on an adventure because he believes that Da isn’t insane and still has a dream to live. Once Da and Daniel start their adventure Daniel realizes that his grandfather is not who he thought he was. Daniel tries to get his grandfather to stop the adventure and head back home but Da goes a little insane. Da starts to control Daniel.
Daniel doesn’t want to hurt his grandfather’s feelings, so Daniel keeps going along with him. ● Daniel calls his sister what he should do. His sister at first is making fun of him and saying that he is going to be tested for a disease or for going insane along with his grandfather. Then Daniel’s sister realizes that Daniel really needs her help. Daniel doesn’t want his parents to find out and neither does his sister. His sister wants Daniel to convince their grandpa to come back home so everything is okay. 3. Connects with other major texts:
● The book
Kill Switch connects with the play
A Raisin in The Sun because both Daniel and
Beneatha are college kids now and have a grandparent living with them. Both Daniel and
Beneatha love their grandparents and would do anything for them. Daniel is trying to keep his grandpa safe from the people Da use to work with. Beneatha wants what is best for her grandma when it comes to deciding what to do with the money.
● Daniel, in
Kill Switch
, is like Chillingworth, in
The Scarlet Letter
, both are behind the scenes of what is happening. Daniel is helping his grandpa get away from the people Da use to work with. Da is telling stories that he is not suppose to be talking about, which to the people Da use to work with is a crime. Chillingworth helps Dimmesdale realize that he needs to come out and tell everyone that he was the one that helped Hester in committing adultery. Chillingworth doesn’t exactly tell Dimmesdale that he know what is going on but he gives hints about it. Daniel is finding out that his grandfather is not who

he really thought he was, like Chillingworth finding out that…