Essay on Killing Ourselves Softly

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Zoe Katrichis
WGS 100
December 6, 2012
Dinner Party Paper 2 Gathering for our final dinner, my group and I really had much of the same things to discuss. The first time it was an awkward gathering at first due to not knowing each other all too well. However, this dinner was filled with chatter and there were no silent pauses on what to the next topic of discussion should be. The interesting part is that we really were passionate about the topics on welfare and objectifying women. All five of us really went hard on the welfare video we saw. The content of the movie was definitely biased on some level but what we analyzed made us ask questions. If they were on welfare why did they keep giving themselves luxurious rewards? We noticed that even though Barbara couldn’t afford Christmas for her children, she could afford to get her nails done a lot. As well as the mother, who was going through a divorce, could buy cigarettes and get another credit card. Lastly, Jerry, who was struggling enough as it is, pays for a monthly membership at a fitness center. We all wondered wouldn’t you want to save that money for something more plausible then just little luxuries that these participants see as necessities?
However, we did give Barbara props for going back to school and getting her associate’s and bachelor’s degree to increase her salary at her new job. We also really felt the most sympathy toward Jean with taking in all her grandchildren. I can’t even imagine having the salary she has and raising all those kids within her tiny house. One statement we all really agreed on, in Jean’s situation, people who are abusing the system make it hard for others who aren’t get anything that are actually struggling. But welfare, we all realized, isn’t the only problem that is in America today.
Movies, videogames, television shows and magazines all objectify women in some way. We all laughed but agreed with the Killing Us Softly 4 video on “aliens would assume our favorite thing is sex.” But in reality sex really does sell whatever is being aimed at consumers. We’ve noticed that both boys and girls are continually perceiving how their supposed to look like from ads and television shows, when in reality that is not who they are. Models of both genders give off a whole different perspective that someone should look like. A female model has a flawless face and hair but her body is seen as thin giving off the reputation of being weak and unhealthy. In the opposite view, male models are always strong, fit and healthy. But the thing is men and women’s visions for the perfect significant other are the complete opposite.
Women want a man who is their “Prince Charming”; meaning that the man is a supporter and strong and loyal. As for the men they want a strong, obedient young wife who can fulfill all their needs and desires. Alex and I went to a program called DIVA Fest in downtown La Crosse, and we noticed that, at this event, they weren’t objectifying women but men. Alex received a