Killings By Andre Dubus Analysis

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Everyone in their lifetime has epiphanies. It can be because they finally find out something they never knew or realize what they are actually capable of. In the story, “Cons” by Jess Walter and “Killings” by Andre Dubus, they explore the world of two different characters that have epiphanies about life and how it changes their perspective on reality and how it effects everyone around them. Walter’s story “Cons” is about a man (Kyle) who accidentally kills a girl named Shae-Lynn and her date while drunk driving. He lives with regrets and somehow finds a little bit of peace by marrying a woman named Lisa. Lisa is a woman who always notices Kyle and eventually starts dating him. He is never open with her because he still lives with the fact that he kills two people and he thinks he does not have the right to live. One day, when Lisa was with Kyle, …show more content…
Matt, the father of Frank, has an epiphany that he, himself, can kill his son’s killer. Matt is a normal, loving father who never thinks about taking a life because he never has a reason to, but when a father loves a son, he will do anything to keep them safe. When Matt is unable to keep Frank from danger, it takes a big tole on him. Matt then comes to the conclusion that the only way to make sure that Frank does not die in vain is to kill Strout, Frank’s killer. “‘I’ve got a .38. I’ve had it for years. I take it to the store now. I tell Ruth it’s for the deposits…’” (Dubus, 49). For a while, it seems like Matt is hesitating with killing Strout, but then he realizes that he does not want Strout to live any longer. Matt does not want to know that Strout is still going to walk this Earth, when Frank can not. After this, Matt has the epiphany that he does not just have to imagine or think about killing Strout because he can actually do