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Investigation and Profile - Get Up, Get Moving |

Investigation|What did you find out?||Teacher feedback|Action taken|
Ways to calculate an individual’s BMI|Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared (weight (kg) / [height (m)]2).[->0] ||Find another bmi formula.|The bmi is an international formulae.The other one is imperial bmi.|
Definition of a calorie|a unit of energy which is used as a measurement for the amount of energy which food provides||||
Number of calories needed each day by different groups of people|Age|Calories per day| |Boys|Girls|1–3|1,230|1,165|4–6|1,715|1,545|7–10|1,970|1,740|11–14|2,220|1,845|15–18|2,755|2,110|Adults|2,550|1,940|||||
The number of calories burned in different activities|ACTIVITY|CALORIES burned:|Sleeping|60 per hour |Sitting on Couch|75 per hour |Grocery Shopping|90 per hour|Doing Light Household Chores|95 per hour|Standing in Line|100 per hour|Playing with Your Dog|115 per hour |Playing with Kids (not rigorous)|120 per hour |Driving|120 per hour |Shopping|135 per hour |Eating|140 per hour|Bowling|145 per hour |Household Chores (vacuuming or scrubbing)|225 per hour|Yoga (breaking a sweat)|230 per hour |Walking|230 per hour|Gardening|230 per hour |Brisk Walking|250 per hour|Playing Golf (riding in a golf cart)|250 per hour|Softball|260 per hour|Dancing|270 per hour|Skateboarding|275 per hour|Mowing the lawn (push mower)|295 per hour|Lifting Weights|300 per hour|Playing Golf (walking w/ bag)|330 per hour|Volleyball|340 per hour|Hiking|390 per hour|Shoveling Snow|400 per hour|Power Walking|400 per hour|Playing Basketball or Racquetball|510 per hour |Tennis|510 per hour|Swimming|520 per hour |Bicycling (fast pace)|530 per hour|Circuit Weight Training|540 per hour|Hiking|540 per hour|Stairclimber in a Gym|600 per hour|Jogging (5 miles per hour)|600 per hour|Running|700 per hour|Bicycling|710 per hour |Water Aerobics|720 per hour|Step Aerobics|750 per hour|Spinning Class in a Gym|820 per hour|Elliptical Rider or Rowing Machine|850 per hour|Jump Rope|900 per hour|Running (fast pace)|1000 per hou|||||
How increasing activity levels can improve fitness levels|Getting active benefits the muscles, coz your using them to 'be active'. It benefits the heart and lungs coz it gets the blood circulating, it's good for bones and tendons coz they get a bit of impact and stretch usage, it's good for a nights sleep coz it makes you tired.I don't know what a