Kim Hyunjoon Positive Attributes Paper

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Hyunjoon Rickey Kim
BBUS 473
Positive Attributes Paper
“Positive Attributes” Before I started writing down a list of people who I liked to ask for help, I started to think of myself; what kind of values I have and interactions with my friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues. From what I have concluded from a long thought, I think positive attributes are: being helpful, honest, hard-working, generous, friendly, forgiving, caring, considerate, creative, and courageous. After taking notes of these values, I started to wonder how my closest people thought of myself. First, I started with identifying ten people who I thought knew me very well and would be a perfect fit for this feedback. They are my nearest friends I have met here in the United States. Thankfully, all of them responded and gave me their feedbacks on time. From what I have observed from the responses, the majority of respondents said my positive attribute is caring in common. My friend, Youngrok said when he was in the market for new cars, I helped him with as much information I had about the car that he was interested in. I took him to an auto dealership and reached out a helping hand as if it was my own situation. Youngrok felt very thankful and thought I was really caring and supportive. Another example that showed caring to for an important contribution was when my younger brother who lives with me had called when I was in class due to his illness. He was the only family I had here in U.S. and he barely spoke any English .I was concerned and I knew I could not just leave the class without notifying the instructor. I sincerely asked instructor for his understanding and to allow me to leave early. Luckily he was very generous and had let me go. From this my brother, Teddy was able to feel that I care for him. Another common response was on my altruistic behavior. This value came and learned from my family. My parents have always reminded me, “Be a man who works for our society by devoting myself for others”. One of the examples respondents gave me was when my colleague,