Transformational Learning

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Transformational Learning By: Kimberly Miller SLS 3130-5

Transformational Learning is when an individual_ (S) leans through the outcomes of experience that brings new meaning to life to the individual_ (S). In transformational learning there are four different stages and they are as followed: the first stage is, recognizing the significance of a problem; and the second stage is, intensely confronting the problem. The third stage is, finding a solution to the problem; and the fourth and final stage of transformational learning is; giving a new perspective and new assumptions into the life patterns. When people, form new plans and also when they implement new skills and insights for their life problems and situation they will be more willing to confront their problems and situations in life.
One of the transformational learning experiences that I had in my life was when moving to another (Arkansas) away from my parents. In 2006, my mom and dad told me they were sending me to live in Arkansas with my uncle so that my ex would stop trying to hurt me. This move took me 4 hours and 220-240 miles away from my immediate family. I was feeling every emotion that didn’t include being happy at all. I was furious, sad, hurt, mad, disgusted, and a lot more when they told me this even though I knew in my heart, I had to get away from the situation and it was for the best. I still felt like I was the one being punished and not him. Once I got we got to Arkansas and my dad left the next day to go back to Dallas, TX I felt lost, abandoned, stressed, isolated, and really depressed all the time. I knew this is now how I was going to let myself live and I knew it would be hard to get myself together, but I saw a moment when I could actually learn to live as an adult without relying on mom and dad’s help and It would be myself that I had to depend on for everything and not them.
I lived there for about a 2 weeks and found me a good job and eventually found a better job and then about a year to a year after I moved there I was in my own apartment, my vehicle that I was buying in Texas was completely paid off at this point. I then started taking care of me and my needs and working to put myself through college. My parents would come to visit and they say that I was learning to be self-dependent and sufficient, but, that I could also enjoy my life and not be so stressed out even, though I was a couple hundred my away from my home and family.
I believe that Mezirows ten phases of Transformational Learning, applies to my learning experiences because; I had to make those choices for my life according to what the best outcomes. I had to face many dilemmas at first and the feelings of guilt and shame that I had felt when the situation first happened and even up to about