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Kimberlin Vickers
Liz Stringer
08 October 2014

Advertising is seen every day. Advertising can be seen upon a billboard as one is walking down the sidewalk. Advertising can also be seen just by glancing at some ones shirt that passes you in the hallways at school. Well one day I happened to be flipping through magazine, and there it was, the advertisement for the All-star Converse Tennis shoe. Their ad that was being advertised in this magazine used young, spunky kids to create the ad. I couldn’t help but think to myself this is my brand of shoe, and I have to have it now! It made me feel like if I bought this shoe I would be as cool as the people wearing the Converse shoe.
This ad was glorious with its use of colors red, black, and white. The way these colors all came together, my eyes couldn’t help but stay glued on this glossy piece of paper advertising converse shoe. First, a dash of red was slung across this piece of paper shouting, “Come buy our shoe!” Next was this bold black color of text saying, “Converse is the way to a cooler life.” Lastly the use of white soaring across this ad spelled out the word converse. These use of colors would make one feel like they could be a rugged person by wearing this pair of converse.
I continued to look at this ad for converse that was being advertised in this magazine. Next, striking my eye was their use of people. They used white and black people so right then and there they were telling you that converse wasn’t for just one certain race. The people weren’t just ordinary people that sported converse. They were original and they had their own sense of style, but they were still labeled as rugged and cool. The converse shoe brought all of them together as one even though they were all different in their own