Essay about Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center

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Jessica Baumgartner
HE 210
Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Kimbrough ambulatory care center is an Army base medical care center for most health needs. It is a facility in which all ambulatory care may be performed. This means it excludes emergency care and long term or overnight care. The facility houses Primary care such as Internal medicine which helps those with long term problems such as diabetes, cancer, and chrones disease to manage and monitor treatments. There is a practice for routine care, minor acute illnesses, pregnancy testing, prescribed injections, medicine refills and physicals. Another area focuses on family practice, Coumadin clinic, lipid clinic, and smoking cessation. The other primary care practices are
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Having the insurance company which is military only in the hospital for which it is used is very convenient for patients to have all their information available and records up to date. Because of this, billing will also be done quickly and efficiently. Another way Health Information Technology or HIT is helpful in this facility is that the patient records would be available for each specialty within the facility making communication great and less room for mistakes when it comes to diagnosing or treating patients. Everyone may benefit in this setting. The insurance company is up to date and aware of what is actually going on in the facility. The consumers, military personnel and families with this insurance know they can be seen for everything in this facility making health issues less stressful and more convenient. Physicians and other health care professionals need not worry about payment issues as it is taken care of right in the facility so they wouldn't have to turn anyone away or modify treatment for insurance purposes.

As a student I would imagine there would be many mixed emotions working in this type of a setting as a nurse. On one hand it is a job and you would perform duties as usual, it would be nice to know the treatment would be on a more equal level when insurance is not a key factor and would not limit the treatment for patients. Although