Kindergarten and Education Expansion Programme Essay

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A/C 1.2
These are the provisions that provide early year’s education and care.

Day/ day-care nurseries normally provide care for 0-5 years and can be private or government funded, they are normally open all day throughout the year on a part-time or full-time basis.
Nursery units within the school, they attend there after their third birthday on a morning or afternoon programme.
Parent/toddler groups are for the under fours and the parent/ carers are responsible for looking after their children.
Pre- school playgroup is for 2 ½ - 5 years, the children are entitled to up to four hours a day, five days a week. Special circumstances can apply for 2 year olds to attend. They are able to offer funded places through the government’s pre –school education expansion programme.
Childminders have to be registered. They look after 1 or more children for over 2 hours a day in their own home and get paid for it.
Creche‘s provide care from babies upwards, if they care for the children for more than 2 hours they must be registered by the local health and safety trust. Some can be free because they are offering a service to people attending training.
There are some other providers, but those are the main ones.

There are three different types of providers which are Statutory, Voluntary and private settings.
Statutory means the government or local education authority have an obligation to provide some form of childcare, which are schools and nurseries. A new point that has come into effect is that there should be early year’s provision for two year olds from lower income families.
Voluntary can provide a service. It isn’t compulsory or Mandatory and up to the individuals concerned to give time to make it exist to help other people, funded by voluntary contributions.
Private setting which are open all year round, full-time or part-time. They operate on a fee paying basis but also have funded pre-schools places under the pre-school education expansion programme (PEEP).
A/C 1.1, 1.5 & UNIT 3 A/C 2.3
The skills and knowledge I need are:
Confidence to communicate with the Children, Staff, and Parent’s and other Professionals
Organise learning and how to access children’s learning through the early year’s foundation stage (EYFS)
Good listening, negotiation and observation skills
Writing accurate reports
Basic first aid
Be aware of the way children develop individually through their ages and understand the way they learn
To be reliable and self motivated
Identifying when children are experiencing difficulties such as communication speech and language development and different cultures, religions and beliefs
Having an imagination and to learn to be creative and using your own skills to learn more through practise
Working as part of a team
Writing accurate reports

The personal qualities that I need are:
Patience, energy and stamina
Sense of humour and fun
Enthusiastic, self motivated and reliable
Calm caring attitude and to understand and share the feelings of others
Share Responsibilities
Respect the children different beliefs and values
Creative and imaginative to teach the children new things

My role and responsibilities in the childcare setting will be:
To have knowledge of the requirements of the EYFS frame work, to plan and prepare play and learning activities for the children. Observing the children as part of being there key worker and to communicate with the parents about their child and how they are doing.
Make sure the health and