Essay on Kindness: Discovering a New World

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Kindness is a way to discover a new world. When you help someone to solve a problem, you become a friend with him or her. There is always time for kindness, even if it is a little thing, you can be kind with someone always.

A way to be kind in your classroom is by introducing someone new in the class, explaining what he/she needs to do, etc, or just saying hi, and welcoming them. Or maybe a little thing, for example, if someone pencil’s falls, you can help them by picking their pencil up, it is a little thing, but that’s how you start a chain reaction. Another way to be kind and really helpful to someone is, if that person is being bullied, help him to be brave and stop the bullier, not by bulling him too, but talking to him and explaining that it is bad and that he has no reason to bully someone. Another way is, if one of you friends makes a mistake, don’t make fun or laugh at him, help him to correct the mistake and explain to him why it is wrong; or to make friends from another culture, and help people from another cultures to familiarize with your culture or don’t make laugh at someone because him/her is different. In that way, you will be very kind to everyone.

To be kind in the community is very easy, you can be kind in a really easy, but unexpected way, is just to stop and say hello to the person that is walking next to you, and wish him a good day, you will make that person happy, and you will feel good. Another way is to respect the public spaces. Or