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A friend is someone who walks in when others are leaving you What is a friend? Some people say that a friend is the one who is close to you, or a good companion to you. In my view, a friend is the one that will stand by you even though the hardest times , they will not leave you and comfort you with their kindness. Friendship is one of the greatest pleasure that we can enjoy. It implies loyalty ,cordiality ,sympathy affection and readiness to help. Friendship plays a very important role in our life, we Chinese have a saying ' At home we count on parents, staying out we count on friends.' Nobody can live individually through this society, and we will face many different difficulties and setbacks. We need a one who can encourage us no matter if it is a she or he , sometimes just a little hug , cheer us up and say positive things will make us feel much better, and we call this kinds of friends bosom friends. Maybe for some reasons we cannot meet our best friends for few years but anytime you are in trouble he or she will be there and help you out , because our minds have always been together, and we will never forget each other. A friend is someone who walks in when others are leaving you. A friend is someone who you can share all your secrets. A real friend will never betray us, he or she is our best audience, they will listen what we tell them and they will advise us with a positive attitude and some valuable suggestions as well. For example, you have an apple and your friend have a pear and you cut it into half so both you and your friend can