Kindred: Slavery and ante-bellum south Slaves Essay

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The novel kindred is about an african American woman who time travels back to ante-bellum South and faces challenges to save future generations.

Dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her birthday with her husband kevin when she is unexpectedly snatched from her home in California and transported to the ante-bellum South. Rufus, the white son of a plantation owner, has requested her across time to save him from drowning. After this first request , she is drawn back, again and again, to protect Rufus and ensure he will grow to manhood and father the daughter who will become Dana’s ancestor. and when rufus grow up, She is forced to learn to live as a slave and deal with Rufus’ obsessive behavior until such time as her ancestor and Rufus’ daughter, Hagar, is born.

Each time she arrives in the past, Dana’s visit becomes more and more dangerous because of Rufus’ obsessive need for her. you never know whether she will survive one journey or the next. It’s only when she finally must save herself from rape by killing Rufus that she is finally freed from the pull of the past. Although dana’s experiences when she hurled into the midst of slave society are full of terror and pain, they also illuminate her past and freshens her understanding of those generations.

The need for freedom by the ante-bellum South slaves , can be seen throughout the novel. For the slaves, freedom is something for which they dream, but most have given up on themselves that they will never