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Attention and Concentration in Sport and Exercise

Information Process Model
Stimulus-> Mental Operations-> Response
Memory is important!
Long-term vs. Short-term Memory chunking is a process to from short term to long term memory
Selective Attention
The ability to ignore specific types of sensory information

Limited Information Processing Capacity
We have a limited amount of processing space
Task demands may require part or all of that space

Concepts related to Attention
Attentional focus and attentional narrowing
Cue utilization
PEripheral scaning
Attentional flexibility
Cognitive interference
Inattentional blindness
Controlled vs. automatic processing

Explaining the Relationship between Attention and Performance
Ironic Effects
Operating process
Monitoring process

Internal vs. External attention focus
Constrained action hypothesis
Explicit processing hypothesis

Why Does Psychological Pressure Cause Performance Deterioration?
Processing Efficacy Theory ( PET) - Reduced
Attention Control Theory ( ACT)- Stimulus given vs goal given attention, focused int he wrong place
Concious Processing Hypothesis(CPH)- External to internal Disrupts flow
Attentional Threshold Model- Distracted

Measuring Attentional Focus
1. Behavioral assesment:
Reaction Time Probe
Technique to see if task required information processing space
Attentional demands of a primary task are based on a secondary reaction time task
2. Physiological indicators:
Arousal increase, attention focus narrows
3. Self- report:
Attentional focus more of a function of personality trait or a disposition
Test Attentional and Interpersonal Style( TAIS)

TAIS ( Nideffer, 1976)
Indvidual’s attention process are a function of :
With dimension can be accurately measured direction more difficult

Six Additional Subscales
Broad- External
Broad- Internal
External- Overload
Reduced- Attention

Ability to adopt an effective attention focus more important than disposition

Attentional Problems

External Distractions
Visual Distraction
Auditory Distractions

Intenal Distractions
Attendiing to pst events ( e.g. what was?)
Attending to future events ( e.g. wha if?)
Over analysis pf body mechanics
Inadequate motivation

Choking: An attentional problem
Conditions leading to Choking
Important Competition
Critical plays in competition
Evaluation by coaches, peers, and parents
Physical Changes
Increased muscle tension
Increased breathing rate