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KINE 431
Introductory Activity
10 points class participation
Due: Monday, August 26
Introduction: In its most basic sense, exercise and sport physiology is the study of how the body responds, adjusts, and adapts to physical activity or exercise. Whether you've exercised on your own or played on a sports team, you have probably recognized some of these changes without realizing you were thinking about physiology.
Instructions: You will perform an exercise bout that will include a warm-up, short workout, and cool-down period. Pay close attention to any physiological adjustments made by your body systems (specifically those listed below). Although some of the adjustments cannot be observed visually, hypothesize about what might be occurring throughout the activity. After you have completed the course, we will come back to this activity to see what you have learned.
Write your observations of what you think the following systems/organs did while you performed the activity. How did the system/organ adapt to the warm-up, more intense exercise, and cool-down:

a. Muscles

* Warm – up- I take a preworkout supplement before my warm-up and my veins dilate for increased blood flow throughout my muscles. My muscles start out tight and sore from the workout before, but get warm and loose as the warm-up continues. The back of my head begins to itch due to the beta aline.

* Work-out- The muscles that I am working out are filling with blood causing my skin to feel tight. My muscles feel like they are on fire during my sets. My veins continue to dilate and pop out when I’m doing sets, so I’m sure my blood pressure is rising.

* Cool-down- Muscles feel warm and still filled with blood. The muscles feel tight but get more pliable with stretching.

b. Heart

* Warm – up- My heart rate increases from 135-155

* Work-out-- heart rate stays above 155 and peaks to 183. *

* Cool-down- heart slowly recovers to 120

c. Temperature regulation - sweating

* Warm – up- no sweating

* Work-out- as my workout progresses I start to