King And Queen Excecution Essay

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21,Janvier, 1793
It’s the day, the end of the king. It’s foggy in town, no traffic on the common streets, it took them one and half hours to trundle he two miles from medieval keep of the Temple to the working east end of the city of Paris. His statute in the center of the city was missing, being torn down. 10, August was the day the once beloved king had his throne overthrown. It was him who at this moment is riding in a slow-moving carriage, whispering prayers. He was on his way to his own execution. Watched by 20,000 of his former subject waiting for the end of Louis XVI.
Him, who was the one who ruined the government and the people, it was Louis himself who put the throne in a financial crisis, nearing into bankruptcy and outlays outpaced income. He started all of this by his involvement in the Seven Year War and his participation in the American Revolutionary War.
But, now he is dead. Many citizens lined on the streets, armed with pikes and guns and the carriage that he was in was surrounded by troops. As he reached the fiasco of his death he turned to pastor; Henry Essex Edgeworth and spoke one of his final words: "We are arrived if I mistake not." He was right indeed.

16, Octobre 1793
After the chaos that was caused in the monarchy, Marie Antoinette was dethroned and imprisoned in the Tower of the Temple alongside her children, husband Louis XVI and Madame Elisabeth, king’s younger sister. They had a trial in the following Decembre and her husband was executed in Janvier. In August, Marie was transferred alone to the jail of La Conciergerie. Her trial was hard for her to prove innocent since the fact her family members wouldn’t help her and the fact that she was an Austrian woman and France was at war with them. But, she tries her hardest to save her life, she was pale, physically…